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Introducing the TINSE®1.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter

Introducing the TINSE 1.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter – A Revolutionary Water Pumping Solution!

In an era where sustainability and energy efficiency take center stage, the TINSE® 1.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter emerges as an innovative and game-changing solution for water pumping needs. Powered by an MPPT Inverter,  this cutting-edge inverter redefines the way we harness solar energy for water pumping, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

One of the common challenges faced in adopting solar pumps is the need to replace existing pumps with expensive DC pumps. This transition can be both costly and inconvenient, discouraging many from embracing renewable energy solutions. However, the TINSE® Life Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter overcomes this barrier by offering flexible and seamless integration with both electricity and solar power to pump water. Gone are the days of tedious and expensive pump replacements. With TINSE, all that’s required is to remove the borehole pump controller and connect the pump (single or three-phase), solar panels, sensor (digital float switch), and grid power (NEPA) to the inverter. This simple installation process guarantees a continuous and reliable water supply, making water pumping more accessible and sustainable for a broader audience.

To further enhance its practicality, the TINSE® 1.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter incorporates a dry run function. This intelligent feature detects when the well is dry and automatically stops the pump to prevent any potential damage. This not only safeguards the equipment but also ensures efficient water usage.

A key advantage of the TINSE® Inverter lies in its ability to optimize power utilization based on changing sunlight intensity. When solar energy is abundant during the day, the inverter draws power from the solar panels, maximizing the usage of clean and renewable energy. As the sun sets and solar power diminishes, users can seamlessly switch to grid power, ensuring a continuous water supply even during the night. This intelligent power management makes the TINSE Inverter a truly versatile and reliable solution, catering to various environmental and operational conditions.

The TINSE® Life Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter isn’t just about efficiency and flexibility; it’s also built for durability and safety. Equipped with comprehensive built-in protection, the inverter shields the water pump system against over-current, over-voltage, phase loss, short circuit, and over-temperature. This robust protection ensures uninterrupted operation and extends the equipment’s lifespan, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.

When it comes to optimizing water resources, the Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter excels. Thanks to the advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithms embedded in the inverter, users can experience a larger water yield under the same conditions compared to traditional pumping methods. The inverter dynamically tracks the optimal power point of the solar panels, maximizing their efficiency and converting sunlight into pumping power with an impressive 99% efficiency. This not only conserves precious water resources but also makes it an ideal choice for agricultural and irrigation applications.

The TINSE® 1.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter goes beyond just pumping water; it offers intelligent water level control and recording functions. When the water tank reaches its full capacity, the sensor sends a signal to the inverter, promptly turning off the pump until the water level decreases to the low preset level. This precise control prevents water wastage and contributes to water conservation efforts. Furthermore, the inverter’s recording function keeps track of total power generated, water flow, and operation time, providing users with valuable insights to monitor and manage water usage efficiently.

With the environment in mind, the TINSE® Life Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter operates entirely without the need for batteries. By eliminating battery usage, the inverter reduces its carbon footprint, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. This not only benefits the environment but also translates into cost savings for users, as battery maintenance and replacements are no longer a concern.

Whether for agricultural, irrigation, or domestic applications, the TINSE® 1.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter offers scalable solutions for various capacities. Available in a range of options from 0.5 kW to 50 kW, users can select the most suitable capacity based on the depth of the well, the height of the water tank above ground level, and the length of the pipe. The versatility and scalability of the TINSE Inverter make it a reliable choice for both small-scale and large-scale water pumping projects.

Selecting the right inverter for your setup is a straightforward process. By considering the pump’s motor-rated power, voltage, and current, users can match the inverter’s rated output current above the motor’s rated current. In cases where the motor’s cable length exceeds 100m, experts recommend using the next available inverter with a power rating higher than that of the motor. For deeper wells with motor cable lengths surpassing 200m, it’s recommended to opt for an inverter with a power rating twice that of the motor. This ensures that the inverter operates at its optimal capacity, providing the best performance and efficiency.

In conclusion, the TINSE 1.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter stands as a remarkable innovation in the field of water pumping technology. With its advanced MPPT algorithms, hybrid power supply, intelligent features, and eco-friendly operation, it redefines the standard for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. The seamless integration of electricity and solar power, combined with intelligent power management, makes it an ideal solution for various water-pumping applications. Whether you seek to enhance agricultural productivity, support irrigation systems, or secure a reliable water supply for domestic use, the TINSE Inverter is your ultimate partner for success.


Advanced MPPT Algorithms:

With efficiency reaching an impressive 99%, the TINSE® Life 1.5KW hybrid solar water pump inverter ensures that every drop of sunlight is efficiently converted into water-pumping power. Say goodbye to wasted energy and hello to an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your water pumping needs.

Hybrid Power Supply:

The TINSE® 1.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter offers the best of both worlds, supporting solar power DC input and power grid AC input. It even features a seamless DC/AC auto switch, allowing you to have a continuous water supply, day or night, regardless of weather conditions.

Dormancy and Wake-Up Function:

Adapting intelligently to the changing sunlight intensity, the inverter enters dormancy mode when required and wakes up automatically when sunlight is available. This dynamic functionality ensures optimal power utilization and extended equipment life.

Built-In Protection:

Rest easy knowing that your water pump system is safeguarded with the inverter. It comes equipped with comprehensive protection against over-current, over-voltage, phase loss, short circuits, and over-temperature, ensuring uninterrupted operation and equipment longevity.

Battery-Free Operation:

With eco-friendliness in mind, the TINSE® Inverter operates without the need for batteries. This means you can enjoy an environmentally conscious and maintenance-free water pumping solution, reducing your carbon footprint while saving on operational costs.

Larger Water Yield:

Experience a significant increase in water yield under the same conditions, thanks to the optimized performance and advanced MPPT algorithms of the PV150A series Inverter. Maximize your water resources and enhance your agricultural or irrigation activities.

Water Level Control and Recording Functions:

The inverter is equipped with intelligent features like dry run protection and tank water level control, preventing any potential damage to your pump system. Moreover, it offers a convenient recording function, keeping track of total power generated, water flow, and operation time, allowing you to monitor and manage your water usage efficiently.

Harness the true power of the sun with the TINSE® 1.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pump Inverter.

Upgrade to the next generation of water pumping technology and let the sun drive your water supply with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Watch a customer’s installation video here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/6rnlW0XaiXk


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