I-Power 2KVA Hybrid Inverter


The I-Power 2KVA/24V hybrid Inverter has a 25A MPPT Solar Charge Controller. It outputs 240V pure sine wave. It is well shielded from short-circuits and overload complications with automated tripping off when the batteries get to the threshold. It is a hybrid system with an in-built solar charge controller that has a complementary in-built cooling system comprising of heat zinc and fans

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The iPowerPlus 2KVA/24V is charges with either power from the public supply (or generator) or solar power. This 2KVA Hybrid Inverter uses advanced technology to ensure that your home or office is never  without power.

It includes other features such as:

A smart battery charger that optimizes battery performance
Selectable charging current depending on the applications
Selectable input voltage range
Configurable solar/AC input priority
Auto restart while AC recovers
A perfect alarming system
We must point out that the transition from mains to generator and vice versa is very seamless and usually occurs without you noticing,

N.B: Solar panels are sold separately and is optional. The 2KVA Hybrid Inverter can operate without the solar panels but can only charge from mains or generator.


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