Schneider Homaya Pro 3KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

Homaya Pro is a solar-hybrid solution specifically designed for locations having unreliable or no access to electricity. It provides customizable, reliable, and renewable energy access for homes, fuel stations, small offices, healthcare centers, educational institutions, and telecom towers.





Introducing the Homaya Pro 3 kW Solar-Hybrid Inverter: Empower Your Off-Grid Lifestyle with Clean, Reliable Energy

Elevate your energy independence with the Homaya Pro 3 kW Solar-Hybrid Inverter. Crafted to deliver sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly off-grid solutions, our inverter is your conduit to a greener future in Nigeria.

**Key Features:**

🌞 **Flexible Power Solutions:** Tailored for Nigerian energy demands, the 3 kW Homaya Pro model optimally matches your power needs.

🔌 **Optimized Solar Utilization:** The Homaya Pro integrates advanced MPPT technology, guaranteeing optimal solar energy capture even within Nigeria’s diverse conditions.

🔋 **Expandable Charging:** Seamlessly integrate external MPPT chargers for an additional 1 kWp input each, facilitating future solar panel expansion tailored for Nigeria’s sunny climate.

🔄 **Versatile Compatibility:** Effortlessly adapt to both 50 Hz and 60 Hz systems, and synchronize with various lead-acid battery types (Flooded, Gel, AGM) prevalent in Nigeria.

📱 **Effortless Monitoring:** Troubleshoot effortlessly via an intuitive LCD screen and alarms, or remotely through local WiFi on your mobile device – no internet required, catering to Nigeria’s connectivity.

**The Homaya Range:**

Homaya Pro anchors Schneider Electric’s Homaya lineup, spanning power capacities from 20 W to 24 kW. Explore the Homaya Family, Homaya Family PayG featuring Pay-As-You-Go technology, Homaya Hybrid, and Homaya Pro – all meticulously curated for Nigeria’s energy needs.

**Efficiency and Customization:**

🏠 **Easy Installation:** Swiftly mount on tables or walls, blending seamlessly into your Nigerian space.

⚡ **Wide Grid Compatibility:** Flourish across varying grid voltages, ensuring unwavering performance, even amidst Nigeria’s grid fluctuations.

🔌 **Optimal Battery Charging:** Personalize charging profiles to align with unique Nigerian applications and battery types.

📊 **User-Friendly Display:** Monitor and program settings using the intuitive LCD/LED display, perfectly suited for Nigeria’s diverse users.

🔋 **Battery Flexibility:** Tailor your system to suit the array of lead-acid battery preferences prevalent in Nigeria.

**Eco-Friendly and Forward-Thinking:**

Homaya Pro isn’t just an inverter; it’s a pledge towards a sustainable energy future. By harnessing solar energy, you’re not just securing your energy needs, but also contributing to Nigeria’s environment.

**Customer Benefits:**

✅ Reliable Off-Grid Power
✅ Cost-Effective Energy Solution
✅ Environmental Sustainability
✅ Personalized Charging Profiles
✅ User-Friendly Installation and Monitoring

Embark on Nigeria’s energy transformation with the Homaya Pro 3 kW Solar-Hybrid Inverter. Embrace energy freedom now.

[Product Includes: Homaya Pro 3 kW Solar-Hybrid Inverter, Mounting Accessories, User Manual]

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