Mercury Elite 220Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Deep Cycle, rugged performance, low maintenance, suitable for use in areas with frequent power cuts, minimum space required for storage and ventilation.




The Mercury Elite 220Ah Tall Tubular Battery is a premium power solution designed for reliable and efficient energy needs. With exceptional performance and durability, this battery is perfect for various applications in residential and commercial settings.


– Capacity: 220Ah
– Voltage: 12V
– Type: Tall Tubular
– Technology: Advanced Tubular Plate
– Maintenance: Low maintenance
– Design: Sturdy and durable
– Efficiency: High charge retention


1. Home Backup Power: Ensure uninterrupted power supply during outages with this battery, providing reliable backup power for essential household appliances.
2. Solar Systems: Maximize solar system efficiency with this advanced tubular battery, storing energy efficiently from solar panels and reducing reliance on the grid. This battery is an ideal choice for solar systems, as its advanced tubular plate technology enables efficient energy storage from solar panels. It maximizes your solar energy utilization, reducing reliance on the grid and minimizing electricity bills.
3. Telecom Infrastructure: Power telecom equipment and ensure seamless connectivity with this reliable battery for base stations and towers.  Its sturdy construction and high charge retention make it reliable in demanding environments.
4. Industrial Applications: Trust this robust battery for industrial power needs, delivering reliable performance to equipment and backup systems in factories and warehouses. The Mercury Elite 220Ah Tall Tubular Battery is built to withstand demanding industrial environments, making it an ideal power source for factories and manufacturing facilities. Its robust design and high charge retention ensure consistent performance in industrial applications.

Safety and convenience are also paramount with this battery. It features a flame-arrestor vent plug that prevents gas buildup, ensuring safe and worry-free operation. Additionally, the battery’s ergonomic design allows for easy installation and maintenance, providing a hassle-free user experience.

Trust in the Mercury brand to meet your power requirements. Experience uninterrupted power supply in your home, optimize your solar system, power telecom infrastructure, or meet industrial power needs with the Mercury Elite 220Ah Tall Tubular Battery.

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