How to Use Multiple WhatApp Accounts on Your Phone

Most phones now have dual SIMs feature, enabling users to have two numbers on a phone instead of carrying two mobile phones around. With this feature, you can  dedicate  one number for business or work contacts and the other number for personal, friends and family contacts.. This works well for making calls, receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages.

However, with some social media and business apps like WhatsApp, Uber, etc, it is inherently not possible in most mobile platforms(IOS, Windows Mobile, Android) to use two different numbers or accounts at the same time on the phone. Say for instance, you have a number for business and you need to communicate to your business partners on WhatsApp. WhatsApp only allows one number to be used on your phone to communicate. Now, what if you want to chat with your family members using the other line?

The solution to this problem is to use an app called Parallel Space.

Parallel Space is a “container” app for Android devices, it creates a virtualized, isolated environment and allows other apps to run inside. So, basically you are running your app on an emulator rather than mobile directly. So, it allows you to have multiple accounts on a virtual environment.

Now, almost all apps are already adopting the multiple accounts feature because of how important it is, apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have already integrated this feature, but what about those that haven’t? I am talking about apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Uber, LinkedIn and others. Parallel Space is about 2.3 MB in size (after downloading and installing), you can add any app you have installed on your phone to its dashboard. It will then ask you to configure a new account for these apps. Whatsapp, Uber and LinkedIn are all compatible with Parallel Space plus there are no limitations on the number of apps you can add. Parallel Space works pretty well with mobile games too. Now, a user can have two game accounts in exciting games.

What makes Parallel Space possible?

MultiDroid, the world’s first virtualization engine that supports individual mobile computing platforms, enables Parallel Space to create an independent virtual operating system on any Android device. By building a virtual operating system, which is separated from user’s original operating system, MultiDroid empowers a user to run apps in the virtual operating system the same way the app runs in the original Android operating environment. A user can also install or run the apps they want in the MultiDroid system without mirroring the running apps with the original operating system.

The company behind Parallel Space

LBE Tech is the developer of Parallel Space. After it first launched Parallel Space in February 2016, LBE has attracted 30 million downloads from over 100 countries, including US, France, Italy, India and Brazil. Parallel Space is also ranked No.10 on Google Play’s list of top free Android apps. More than 70% of Parallel Space users spend in excess of four hours every day with the app. Industry veteran Yong Zhang founded LBE Tech in 2011. Since then, LBE has developed the world’s first Android application permissions management system, world’s largest Android application activity cloud and the world’s first application virtualization engine on Android operating system – MultiDroid.

The company has successively obtained the strategic investments from Tencent, Alibaba, and Xiaomi.

How to Use Parallel Space

  1. Go to your device app store (IOS or Android), download and install Parallel Space. For Android users, click on this link to go to the app page on Google’s PlayStore.
  2. Open Parallel Space and select the app you want run under Parallel Space. However, If your app isn’t listed, tap the “+” button at the bottom and select the app you want to add from the list of installed apps on your device.
  3. .Once you’ve selected the app, a Parallel Space will be created for that app you can continue to sign in or create an account, whatever the case may be.
Parallel Space
Parallel Space Interface

Your parallel apps will appear on the Android recents screen with “(Parallel Space)” suffix, and you can easily multi-task between the real and virtualized version of the app like you’re using two installations. You will also get notifications when messages are received on the ” Paralled” app. The free version of the app serves ads.

Have fun running multiple accounts/profiles on apps installed on your Android device with Parallel Space. Contact us if you encounter any challenge installing the app.

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