Google Street view (A captivating Eagle-eye)

The road seemed like a never ending fairytale and for every single moment in this tedious journey of mine to somewhere around Festac town in Lagos state that I for once have never been to, I couldn’t help but wonder about me already having some heads up first pertaining to this unknown location that I’ve never been to before. It got stressful as I kept asking for directions from strangers. Well, you know the saying already… Once bitten… Twice shy.


Then behold, I discovered a fascinating software from the stables of Google called Google street view. This software generally changed the way I perceived this world. With just some few touches, it felt like the whole world was just one room (not literally though!). But I was amazed by the features it possessed, the clear and captivating aerial view it renders not to talk of its accurate details of the location of places, as well as the ability to view streets blocks by blocks from above.


But then again, even if it seems as though my privacy is at stake… I still love everything about Google Street view.

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