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The Ball Park Figure Mistake in an Inverter System Setup

The Ball Park Figure Mistake in an Inverter System Setup By Bruno Can you give me the ballpark figure of the cost to have an inverter system, with or without solar that can power a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom flat? CAn you give me the number of solar panels for xKVA inverter? This are the most common questions we often get asked by people, clients, and companies when they learn that Right Click Technologies design and install inverters and solar systems for homes and companies. Most inexperienced or unprofessional solar installers will immediately start to spew out figures wi

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How to Use Multiple WhatApp Accounts on Your Phone

Most phones now have dual SIMs feature, enabling users to have two numbers on a phone instead of carrying two mobile phones around. With this feature, you can  dedicate  one number for business or work contacts and the other number for personal, friends and family contacts.. This works well for making calls, receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages. However, with some social media and business apps like WhatsApp, Uber, etc, it is inherently not possible in most mobile platforms(IOS, Windows Mobile, Android) to use two different numbers or acc

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Whatsapp and its Newly Added Live Location Sharing Feature

Who says we aren’t capable of becoming better at what we do? Well, personally I believe no one craves for a deteriorating reputation. And I think the WhatsApp team thinks so too after coming up with new feature on WhatsApp called the Live location sharing. Mind-blowing right? With this, it’s now easier to find your friends in real life with the aid of the Facebook-owned messaging app. You can now be able to share your current location with your close ones so as to allow them to know your present whereabouts. This new feature is rolling out for WhatsApp on iOS and Android o

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Google Street view (A captivating Eagle-eye)

The road seemed like a never ending fairytale and for every single moment in this tedious journey of mine to somewhere around Festac town in Lagos state that I for once have never been to, I couldn’t help but wonder about me already having some heads up first pertaining to this unknown location that I’ve never been to before. It got stressful as I kept asking for directions from strangers. Well, you know the saying already… Once bitten… Twice shy.   Then behold, I discovered a fascinating software from the stables of Google called Google street view. This softwar

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Apple Unveils new iPhone X and More

Apple Unveils new iPhone 8, iPhone X and a New Apple Watch At its first event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in California, Apple unveiled three new iPhones, a 4K Apple TV set-top box and an LTE version of the new Apple Watch that can stream 40 millions songs. The new iPhone 0 and iPhone 8 Plus which are 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, respectively have LCD dsiplays. The headpone jack is still gone , though there is now glass on the front and back of the devices. The devices both have the wireless charging feature. Te new iPhone X, which cost $999 s the compa

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Infinix Zero 3 Now N49500

Infinix Zero 3 Now N49500 We are deals now. We have slashed  the price of infinix Zero 3 from N52,000 to N49,500. Hurry now and place your orders online here;                           RightClick Technologies, Making I.T Work Right. +2348094661403 Partners